To get your free CoinAwesome AWE now, follow the instructions below...

CoinAwesome Giveaway

Innitially CoinAwesome AWE units will be distributed for free in order to have a broad distribution among people who have never had before a crypto-currency at their fingertips. CoinAwesome's main goal is to change how monetatization on the web works and create a more free, decentralized and secure web, with less ads and less friction.

We believe that free giveaways are the way to go where people with proven established online identities can claim free coins to try out the system and hopefully stick to it, because they see the benefits, which are many, compared to centralized systems.

Giveaway #1

Coins for Friends

For every Facebook friend you have, you receive one CoinAwesome. You will need to have a verified Facebook account and at least 50 friends to participate in this giveaway.

  1. Download the CoinAwesome Wallet in the Chrome Web Store and reload this page.
  2. Click here to connect with Facebook
  3. Thats it! Look into your wallet! You should have your coins already! And you can come back in 24 hours to get more coins.
Note: Nothing will be posted on your wall - We only need to verify that you exist and that you are not a robot.
Facebook Referral Program
Share this giveaway program and earn 50% of the amount of coins your Facebook friends receive for the next two weeks. Simply use or for sharing. Replace YOUR_AWE_ADDRESS with your CoinAwesome AWE address.
CoinAwesome users... You can be awesome, too!

Giveaway #2

Coins for Tweets

For every Tweet you do about CoinAwesome's Twitter giveaway you receive up to 50.000 CoinAwesome, according to your Klout score.

  1. Get the CoinAwesome wallet in the Chrome web store.
  2. Follow @CoinAwesome on Twitter.
  3. Post a tweet with following key-words: '@coinawesome' + YOUR_AWE_ADDRESS + 'giveaway'
Example Tweet (Please invent your own):
Let's support awesome art and content with @CoinAwesome on the web! #giveaway AQGVNg7cneZeRbfaewaoHFvTS8jC29uT8v

Please invent your own giveaway tweet. Just '@coinawesome' , your AWE address and 'giveaway' needs to be inside the tweet. The order of the keywords does not matter.

Your AWE address you can find inside your wallet which you can download here.

That simple it is!

The formula (for now) here is:

AWE_coins_you_receive = square(your_klout_score) / 2 * 10

NOTE: **You can do this every 24h.** Just tweet again. But do not try to cheat on us (deleting the tweet), otherwise you will be banned for some days. In case you have more than 100 tweets per day or less than 100 tweets total, we will consider you as a bot and don't let you participate.

Giveaway #3

Coins for using CoinAwesome Tips. - Tip one, get two free!

Get two free AWE coins for every spend coin using one of the above content aggregators, up to 200 coins per day. You can use it as your personal bookmarking service at the beginning.

giveaway #4

COMING SOON - General Faucet

You will be able to receive 100 coins per day per IP address after solving a captcha.

Whenever you claim your coins a unique identifier will be embedded. In case you connect with Facebook your Facebook user id (a long number) will be embedded into the CoinAwesome blockchain.

Bounties are another way to earn free CoinAwesome and support the free and decentralized web. Please check the community forums.

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